Borigon Home Page

What is Borigon?

Borigon is a conventional style role-playing game. Characters develop a list of skills and conditions that make them who they are. The player has total control over how the character is created, with the approval of the person running the game; the Game Master (or GM as this person will be referred to from now on).

This webpage will present the rules of Borigon chapter-by-chapter. This is a work in progress. If you find errors, or have questions, you can contact me by email by clicking here. Feel free to download these chapters, if you wish to have hardcopies send me an email.


Borigon is now being published on our store front at Lulu. You can go there by clicking here.

If you wish to get a sneak peak at new materials, and/or you want to support the development of game materials, go to the crowdfunding site Patreon (click the link). There look for George Hrabovsky—Borigon. For as little as $1 per publication, you can support the game.

Some Borigon Rules

Currently there are three player's guide books published. These rules will be published here for free.

  1. Introduction to Playing the Game
  2. Character Design
  3. An Alternate Method for Fast Character Development
  4. Seven Heroes of Borigon
  5. Abilities"Completely Rewritten"
  6. A List of Mundane Skills"All skills and conditions have been rewritten"
  7. Skills of the Seven Heroes of Borigon
  8. Creatures and Equipment
  9. Nations and Societies (Incomplete)
  10. Life Paths
  11. Life Paths of the World of Borigon
  12. Life Paths of the Heroes of Borigon
  13. Preadventures
  14. Good Stuff for Preadventures
  15. Bad Stuff for Preadventures
  16. Preadventures of the Heroes of Borigon
  17. Professions
  18. Manifestation of Mind Powers
  19. Psychic Conditions
  20. Basic Mind Powers"Completely Rewritten"
  21. Difficult Mind Powers"Completely Rewritten"
  22. Extreme Mind Powers"Completely Rewritten"
  23. Generating Psychic Powers
  24. Knowledge of Psychic Powers
  25. The Nature of the Psyche
  26. Using Mind Powers in the Game
  27. Psychic Powers of the Heroes of Borigon
  28. The Magical World
  29. Magical Beings
  30. Magical Conditions
  31. Generation of Magical Powers
  32. Knowledge of Magic
  33. Magic Items
  34. Manifestations of Magic
  35. Spirits
  36. The Nature of the Soul
  37. Divine Beings
  38. Using Magical Powers in the Game
  39. Magical Knowledge Among the Heroes of Borigon
  40. Low Magic Powers"Partially-Rewritten, not yet complete"
  41. Natural Magic
  42. Astrological Magic
  43. Construction Magic
  44. Divination Magic
  45. Ritual Magic
  46. Developing New Low Magic Spells
  47. Examples of Low Magic
  48. Magical Powers of the Heroes of Borigon
  49. Spirit Magic
  50. Air Elemental Magic
  51. Beast Magic
  52. Black Magic
  53. Conjuration Magic
  54. Earth Elemental Magic
  55. Evocation Magic
  56. Fire Elemental Magic
  57. Invocation Magic
  58. Plant Magic
  59. Shamanic Magic
  60. Water Elemental Magic
  61. White Magic
  62. Examples of Spirit Magic in Borigon
  63. Spirit Magic of Hesheriuth
  64. High Magic
  65. Meditative High Magic: High Magic Paths
  66. Ritualistic High Magic: High Magic Dance
  67. Mechanistic High Magic: Alchemy
  68. Transcendental High Magic: Awakening the Soul
  69. Religious Magic: The Fundamentals of Worship"Partially-Rewritten, not yet complete"
  70. Worshippers and Their Abilities"Partially-Rewritten, not yet complete"
  71. Clergy and Their Abilities"Partially-Rewritten, not yet complete"
  72. Religious Items
  73. Religious Powers of Hesheriuth
  74. Playing the Game
  75. Individual Combat
  76. Mass Combat
  77. Naval, Air, and Space Combat in the Adventure
  78. Equipment and Technology
  79. Character Development

Here are some sections from the Game Master's Guide to Borigon:

  1. World Building
  2. Creature Building
  3. Nation Building
  4. Habitation Forms
  5. Story Design
  6. Running the Game

Borigon Venues and Game Settings

Additionally there will be five ongoing playtest campaigns. Material for them will be found when the links are constructed for them. The playtest games will be:

  1. Borigon, the original playtest world.
  2. Aemgo, a forest world created by my late wife, Heather.
  3. Mystara, an older D&D game setting heavily modified for use in Borigon. This is now under active development again.
  4. Dolgin Cluster, a futuristic science fantasy set in a star cluster surrounded by massive star empires all vying for control of the cluster and its store of Herka, the primary source of energy in the empires.
  5. Modern Horror, a game of supernatural horror set in the modern world.
  6. Weird West, what would it be like to be in the old west with elements of cosmic superrnatural horror?

If you live in, or are visiting, the Kingsford/Iron Mountain MI area and are interested in playing this game, let me know. You can contact me by email by clicking here. Yiou can also check out the games being oplayed by looking up our Meetup group page.