Player's Guide to Aemgo

In the beginning there was a Seed. Nourished by the surrounding Chaos, the Seed sprouted, growing quickly. So was born the Forest Lord who in time grew lush and green.

From the center of the Sun Bloom, the Green One cast its seeds across the heavens. One of these fell to the earth, took root and so was born the Russah. And the Russah looked about them and saw the great diversity of life, and giving thanks that they may live with and within their Creator, they set about caring for the body of the Forest Lord, pruning, nourishing and helping it to grow.

Aemgo is a land of forests. In the center is a forested mountain range while to the south is a large lake. Rivers and streams are abundant, and the forests range from alpine to lush jungle. Currently the land is in the shape of a rough oval, with the east-west axis being about 2000 km and the north-south being about 1000 km. The world is the physical incarnation of the Forest Lord.

The Races

Description: A large deciduous tree 20 meters high and an average of 10 tons. Russah cannot move and sense their environment through temperature variations, pheromones, the presence of light, moisture, heat, etc. Due to their long life spans, Russah tend to plan projects for the long term, leaving short term problems to the Shaerone. The Russah consider themselves the Children of the Forest Lord. These are medium-scale beings.
PF: 2 MA: -2 IN: 1 IU: 0 PY: 0 MP: 2
Skills: Forest Evolution (d, MP)
Forest Evolution: The power to change the forest or entities within the forest over a season. By drawing upon their own link to the Forest Lord, the Russah can awaken the god in the subject to bring about change. The change made will always be beneficial to the forest as a whole, not necessarily to an individual. Examples: giving sentience to the Shaerone, creating a thorny barrier, breaking or creating a drought, etc.
Age Categories in years: Childhood 50 / Adolescence 50 / Adult 75 / Middle-Age 175 / Old-Age 350

Description: A furred humanoid similar to a cross between a monkey and a rodent 1.5 meters high and 35 kg on average. The long supple tail can act as another limb, though it is weaker than the arms and legs. Shaerone tend to have an artistic bent and a strong natural curiosity. The Shaerone often live in great tree enclaves, but the majority of families still prefer to migrate along the forest ways.
PF: 1 MA: 2 IN: 0 IU: 2 PY: 1 MP: 0
Skills: Climbing (b/PF)
Age Categories in years: Childhood 10 / Adolescence 8 / Adult 15 / Middle-Age 32 / Old Age 40

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