The World of Borigon

This is a world of epic high fantasy. That is, it seeks to tell stories of grand scope and power.
This world sits atop a sea of primal chaotic forces, out of which it emerged. The world is a rough rectangle 1,000 km wide on the narrow side and 2,000 km long.
The world was created out of primal chaos when a specific pattern began to propagate through the confusion. The pattern began to replicate into the structure that exists today.

The land in which the nation of Borigon is a part, is a generally rectangular shape whose dimensions shift from time-to-time due to the changes wrought by the sea of chaos. The blue region is the sea which becomes more chaotic as you approach the borders of the map. A region of mountains crossing the land from north to south and east to west divides the continent into four quadrants. The southeast quadrant is rolling plains dotted by woods towards the coast rising to forested foothills and temperate coniferous forests on the mountainous slopes, and this is where the nation of Borigon is located, in region 1. The southwestern quadrant is a salty-rock desert along the shore with many blasted and eroded outcroppings forming weird shapes; this turns to sand sea and then to a massive plateau that is cold and dry just before reaching the mountains. The northwestern quadrant starts out as snowy fields along the coast to a region of ice mountains and huge glaciers as you treach the central stone mountains. The northeast quadrant is festering slimy swamps along the coast leading to tropical rainforest then to tropical forested-mountains. The whole sits atop an enourmous sea that leads to a vast sea of chaos farther out.

There are five seasons, each of eighty days (eight weeks of ten days each week); Anallara (The Dead Time), Dohawar (Rebirth), Awtorag (Growth), Roccorwoldan (Harvest), and Angap (Death). In Anallara the northwest quadrant is brutal with snow-storms regularly coming up from the sea to clash with wind storms coming down off the mountains; the area is covered in a deep layer of snow and ice. When it is not snowing the frigid temperatures are exacerbated by high winds plunging the wind chill factors well below zero. The coastal areas of the southeast quadrant see an increase in tropical storms which occasionally crash ashore bringing devastating waves, high winds, and flooding rains. Throughout the land mountainous regions experience frequent snow and ice storms.

The Dohawar brings warmer temperatures, though mountain areas are still in the rough equivalent of Anallara in the north. The northwestern areas will still have occasional snow storms. The eastern regions are plagued by severe thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes, though these tend to be confined to the foothills to the west. All over the land things begin to grow again.

Awtorag is a time of warmth. The mountain snows are melting and the plants all over are at their peak growth. Thunderstorms are frequent, but they tend to be well below severe levels; though there are occasional exceptions. The forested regions in the northeast get so much rain, they are classified as tropical rain forests. It can get quite hot in the southwestern deserts, where sandstorms and electrical storms are frequent and violent.

Roccorwoldan is a cooling period. Generally there is fair weather, with light rain showers predominant in the east, occasionally there will be light snow in the northwest.

Angap is the season where the snows begin again in the northwest, and tropical storms begin to be felt in the southeast.

The day is twenty four hours long. From dusk until dawn the red moon is high, this is the time when chaos is at its height; the red moon providing an environment favorable to supernatural evil and chaos. At midnight the blue moon begins to rise, at dawn this moon is at its height and many evil or chaotic beings cannot stand the sight of it, a symbol of order and good. The blue moon sets at noon.

The week is ten days long, and this is governed by the phases of the blue moon. At the beginning of the week then blue moon is waxing, at the end it is waning. In no normal week is it ever completely gone, were that to happen evil forces would be able to have sway even in the daylight. It is rumored that this happens for one day out of every century, though scholars report that there is no evidence for this. There are two days of full moon in the middle of each week.

The Land of Borigon

Borigon is located within the south-eastern quadrant of the continent, called the Land of Borigon. Only what is written above is known to the Borigonians and their allies about the other regions.

Region 1 on the map is the Nation of Borigon. The details of the nation are listed below. The principal race here is the Borigonian, a pointed-eared race of fair- to brown- skinned humanoids. The mountanous region marked 3 is the home of the wizard-race Bunmial, black-skinned humanoids of immense magical talent. The wooded area numbered 7 is the realm of the Qandarric, a race of rodent-like beings who are friendly and interested in trade. The swamps of region 8 are home to an insect-like race of psychic warriors who are quite friendly and often act as mercenaries for Borigon, called the Husirric. The forests of region 10 are home to the Jangen race, dark-skinned humanoids who are allergic to sunlight. The forests of region 11 and the island marked as 12 are home to the Meliasirric, a race of lizard-folk related to the riding lizards called Sircorfin.

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The Nation of Borigon

The Warrens of the Husirric

The Qandarric Consortium

The Jangen Darick

The Meliasirric Lands

The Derish of Bunmial

The Meliasirric Island

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