The Derish of Bunmial

The Derish of Bunmial is atop the central mountain of the world.


This nation is more than 14000 years old. This nation focuses on the pursuit and mastery of magic. They have mastered every form of low and spirit magic, and have even developed the four examples of high magic found in the Power-Building rules. Not surprisingly they worship the God of Magic. Their land is located in the highest peaks where the mountain ranges meet.

Character Development

Step 1: Think up a basic concept for your character.

Step 2: The Bunmial are available.

The Bunmial

Fantastic, omnivorous, social, foragers.
2 meter tall, 80 kilogram humans with jet-black skin. They are frequently adorned with robes bearing celestial themes and wearing jeweled rings.
PF: 1, MA: 1, IN: 1, IU: 0, PY: 0, MP: 4.

Highlands Survival +2 (b) (IN)
Knowledge of Magic +3 (b) (IN)
Talismanic Magic (d) (MP)
Bunmial Mountain Magic (d) (MP)
Basic Ritual Magic (b) (MP)
Magical Senses (b) (MP)

1 punch: light strike damage.
or 1 kick: medium strike damage.

Damage Capacity : 3.

Walk: 6 kph.
Run: 12 kph.


Speed Factor: 1
Lifespan: 10/10/55/50/75 (200 years total).

History Point Awards:

Childhood: 12
Adolescence: 14
Adulthood: 21
Middle-Age: 20
Old-Age: 23

Step 3: Choose a place of birth for your character from the list below, if there is a link for the place of origin, click on it to continue:

  1. Derishy of Tagrahallar, specialists is path walking, fire elementals, earth elements, shamanism, plant spirits, places, astrology, tattoo magic (experts), rings, earth magic, fetishes, air magic (experts), beast magic, incantations, and spell singing.
  2. Derishy of Hadmiallan, specialists in alchemy, conjuring (experts), fire elementals, water elementals, true enchantment, ritual magic, chanting, earth magic (experts), tattoo magic, beast magic (experts), talismans, geometry (experts), and water magic.
  3. Derishy of Kukareth, specialists in high magic dance, fire elementals, familiars, binding, water elementals, square magic (world experts), fetishes, inscribers, beast magic, astrology (experts), enchanters (experts), fire magic, and tattoo magic.
  4. Dershy of Tothriksirric, specialists in land mastery, shamanism, plant spirits, conjuring, binding, candle magic, chanting, inscribing (experts), gestures (experts), incantations, tattoo magic, place magic, mathematical magic, potions, and fire magic.
  5. Derishy of Gourbunrik, specialists in patterning, chaos spirits, shamanism, air elementals, animal spirits, beast magic, paint magic (experts), gestures, tattoo magic, chanting, dance magic, image magic, numerology, potions, and water magic.
  6. Derishy of Cormtorrig, specialists in awakening of the soul, eart elementals, angels, plant spirits, pain magic, earth magic, magical metals (experts), power rituals, geometry, rune magic, water magic, true names, herbs, inscribing, and beast magic.
  7. Derishy of Rienbreshayin, specialists in high magic law, angels, binding, air elementals, familiars, candle magic (experts), talismans, inscribing, salves (experts), magic metals, true enchantment (experts), gestures, and beast magic (experts).
  8. Derishy of Donnhallar, chaos walking, animal spirits (world experts), familiars, talismans, fire magic (experts), tatto magic, inscribing, beast magic (experts), image magic (world experts), true enchantment, and chanting.
  9. Derishy of Isilmial, specialists in smith-magic, air elementals (experts), familiars, angels, music magic, beast magic (experts), rituals, numerology, talismans, geometry, potions, chants, divination, candles, and magic rings.
  10. Derishy of Kukshir, specialists in star singing, water elementals, demons, shaping, binding, true enchantment, place magic, incantations, rituals, talismans, rune magic, mathematics, magic rings (experts), fetishes, magic paint, and geometry.
  11. Derishy of Donrienrikbain, specialists in smith-magic, shamanism, dark shamanism, conjuring, fire elementals, enchantment, beast magic, rune magic, suffumigations, earth magic, image magic (experts), inscriptions, tattoo magic, geometry, rituals, and divinations.
  12. Derishy of Nephisilbain, specialists in smith magic, conjuring, shamanism, air elementals, familiars, chanting, tattoo magic, gestures, mountain magic (experts), salves, magic squares (experts), suffumigations, magic rings, enchantment, and inscription.
  13. Derishy of Miatogo'um, specialists in land mastery, shamanism, air elementals, evocation, conjuring, beast magic, image magic (experts), inscription, divination, true names, herbs, fire magic, rune magic, talismans, rituals, and geoemtry.
  14. Derishy of Hawraor, specialists in life delving, binding, shamanism, angels (experts), magical metals (world experts), enchantment, air magic (experts), rituals, beast magic, earth magic, salves, talismans, and geometry (world experts).
  15. Derishy of Miashorin, specialists in star singing, demons, dragon mastery, binding, familiars, enchantment (experts), beast magic, herbs, numerology, earth magic, candle magic (experts), divination, magic metals, chanting, and stone magic.
  16. Derishy of Tagourmialdora, specialists in path walking, binding, familiars, plant spirits, angels, mathematics, rituals (experts), song magic, magical coupling (experts), enchantment, place magic, salves, fetishes, beast magic, and true names.
  17. Derishy of Miatogo'um, specialists in land mastery, water elementals, binding, air elementals, familiars, chanting (experts), geometry, magic rings, power rituals, talismans, earth magic, rune magic, dance magic, astrology, salves, and beast magic.

Step 4: Proceed through character creation.

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