The Qandarric Consortium

The Qnadarric Consortium is built in a heavily wooded area.


The Consortium has been in existence for over 1800 years. The consortium is built around a dozen large merchant houses that have formed small towns. They have developed an extensive system of material wealth based upon personal collections and trade. Their forested lands harbor the natural resources that provide their wealth.

Character Development

Step 1: Think up a basic concept for your character.

Step 2: The Qandarric are available.

The Qandarric

The game abilities of the Qandarric are:
meter tall, 20 kilogram furry humanoid with thin angular faces, beady black eyes, and large round ears atop its head. They are very literal minded and are always swearing deals on their patron God, Hathedin.
PF: 0, MA: 2, IN: 1, IU: 0, PY: 0, MP: 1.

Bargaining +2 (b) (IN)
Bite (b) (MA)
Forest Survival +1 (b) (IN)
Initiation into Hathedin (b) (MP)

1 Bite: Light thrust.

Damage Capacity: 2.

Walk: 4 kph.
Run: 20 kph.


Speed Factor: 3.
Lifespan: 2/5/5/13/25 (50 years total).

History Point Awards:

Childhood: 11
Adolescence: 13
Adulthood: 11
Middle-Age: 13
Old-Age: 15

Step 3: Choose a place of birth for your character from the list below, if there is a link for the place of origin, click on it to continue:

  1. Angrockirald, this town specializes in knowledge, books, and research.
  2. Angtorig, this town specializes in metal and its craft.
  3. Angdigara, this town specializes in wood and its craft.
  4. Angtogo, this town specializes in stones, rock, and other bounty from the earth.
  5. Angmorem, this town specializes in water and its bounty.
  6. Angrocailel, this town specializes in food.
  7. Angandar, this town specializes in animals.
  8. Angpenundar, specializes in warfare and military arts.
  9. Angrienor, specializes in rules and law.
  10. Angmial, specializes in magical services and magical items.
  11. Angthenut, specializes in the principles of trade, economics, and valuation.
  12. Angrienambrosh, specializes in the religion of the Qandarric.

Step 4: Proceed through character creation.

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