The Dolgin Cluster War, 3356

The galaxy is seeded with artifacts of ancient origin that operate using an exotic material no one can analyze, called The Source. There is only one place where The Source can be found in abundance, The Dolgin Cluster.

The Dolgin Cluster: 275,000 stars. 2,000 have planets. 300 can supprt life. 8 have developed intelligent life. 3 have major players.

The Factions: 5 interstellar empires and the 3 locals.
Terrans: Military Technology
Vykorans: Magic
Dellans: Psychic
Torshi: Computer Technology
Bayrsharans: Space Technology
Dolginians: Local
Markars: Local
Keelarks: Local

Common Aspects: High technology, psychic powers, magical powers, and active religions.

Terran Realm: 100 years following the thousand years of peace, post apocalypse. Rapid military development following the past 100 years of warfare from invading powers. Military technology is at least fifty years ahead of everyone else. Religious magic, low magic, spirit magic, and three styles of high magic. Immortal.

Vykoran Empire: Magic-oriented. Twelve styles of high magic. Dragons. Immortal.

Dellans: Psychic, fifteen colony ships that colonized their stars. Grays. Immortal.

Torshi: AI/cybernetic organisms. Immortal.

Barysharans: Space Technology: Three types - Ship, EVA, Ground Operations. Immortal.

Dolginians: Arthropods (some are the original ancients).

Markars: Icthyans.

Keelarks: Avians.

The Treaty:

Terrran Space

The year is 3356.

Time line:

2130: The rapture occurs.

2131: The antichrist emerges as the king of the world.

2132: The tribulations begin.

2256: The battle of Armaggedon is won. The Kingdom of God separates from the ruined Earth atop high plateaus. Thus begins the thousand years of predicted peace. Rebuiding the Earth begins with New Jersusalem and New Geneva. Everywhere not in the Kingdom of God is termed The Otherlands.

2260: Other cities begin to be established. Spaceflight becomes more common.

2264: The first permanent space station is established in Earth orbit.

2268: The first rift is established. Many others follow.

2272: The first cybernetic enhancements are invented.

2274: The first rats attain full sentience.

2280: The first eagle attains full sentience.

2281: The first lion attains full sentience.

2284: The first dolphin attains full sentience.

2288: The first turtle attains full sentience.

2290: The first dog attains full sentience.

2302: The moon base is built.

2314: The planetary power grid is established.

2317: The first expedition to Mars.

2324: The asteroid belt begins to be mined for resources.

2333: Mars is colonized.

2340: Mars is terraformed.

2341: The first expedition to Venus.

2344: The first asteroid station is built.

2349: The mining colony on Venus is built.

2361: The first expedition to Europa.

2367: The first colony on Europa is established.

2370: The accords of peace are established for dealings between the Kingdom of God and The Otherlands.

2373: Io is colonized.

2377: Europa is terraformed.

2386: The first expedition to Mercury.

2398: The Mercury Mining Station is built.

2407: The second rift is doscovered.

2419: The Jupiter mining station is built.

2445: Titan is colonized.

2449: The Saturn mining station is built.

2465: The mining base above Uranus is built.

2488: The mining station at Neptune is built.

2512: The Object is found between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. It takes 100 years to decypher. It gives directions to a machine out in the Oort cloud.

2527: The Outposts are builtódeep space stations surrounding the Solar system.

2546: The first magical computers are built.

2611: The directions on the Object are decyphered.

2631: The expedition to the Oort cloud is launched.

2652: The star gate is discovered.

2974: The star gate is decyphered.

2999: The first stellar mission is sent out to Alpha Centauri.

3000: The Alpha Centauri station is built.

3016: Expansion continues to other stars.

3031: The first Source mining equipment is built.

3046: The first expedition to the Dolgin cluster gathers Source

3057: First contact with the Dolginians.

3082: First contact with the Dellans.

3103: First contact with the Vykarrans.

3125: First contact with the Torshi.

3155: First contact with the Barysharans.

3170: First contact with the Markars.

3183: First contact with the Keelarks.

3218: Regular missions to the Dolgin Cluster are launched.

3256: The demon incursions begin.

3287: The first Dolgin cluster war begins.

3312: The treaty takes effect.

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