Player's Guide to Mystara

Mystara is a world slightly larger and with slightly less gravitational force than the earth. It orbits a normal star and has a single moon.

The planet itself has three large continents and several smaller continents, but is mostly water. The large continents are called Brun, Davania, and Skothar. The smaller continents are Alphatia (home to the famed magical Empire of Alphatia), Bellisaria, The Isle of Dawn, Oceania, Ochalea, and Cestia. Little is known by most people of Davania and Skothar. The Empire of Thyatis from Brun has claim to some jungle lands on Davania. The Empire of Alphatia claims some steppes land on Skothar.

The Known World, as it is called, is concentrated on Brun, The Isle of Dawn, Alphatia, Bellisaria, and Ochalea. The most powerful empires are those of Alphatia and Thyatis. Other powerful nations are Glantri (known for its wizards), Darokin (known for its merchants), Sind (known for its desert warriors), The Minrothad Guilds (known for its sea traders), and The Kingdom of Ierendi (known for its naval power). Other nations that are known are: Alfheim (a nation of magical elves), The Territory of Atruaghin (a nation of native warriors), The Broken Lands (a blasted region populated by orcs, trolls, etc.), Ethengar (a steppes land of nomadic warrior tribes), The Five Shires (a land of halflings), The Heldannic Territories (a war-based theocracy), The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (a haunted forested land), The City-State of Landfall (a cold, dirty, northern kingdom), The Shire of Leeha (a northern community of halflings), Ostland (a monarchy with heavy religious influence based on a series of islands), Rockhome (a nation of dwarves), Serraine (a flying city with a democratic government), The Soderfjord Jarldoms (a coalition of petty kngdoms led by a high king), Vestland (a mountain monarchy in the northern reaches), Wendar (an elven kingdom north of Glantri), the Emirates of Ylaruam (a desert region ruled by a monarch).

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The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

The Emirates of Ylaruam

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