Character Development


Once you have characters in play you will need to give the players the ability to allow their characters to evolve and learn. This chapter describes how to give out rewards for good play and for achievements.

Rewards for Good Play

Whenever you have your character do something significant you will be rewarded with 1 HP. Of course, this is subjective and up to the GM. Whenever you accomplish a character goal, you will also receive 1 HP. Whenever you complete an adventure, the GM will reward you with a number of HP appropriate to that adventure. Whenever you make your character truly come alive, the GM will reward you with 1 HP.

Evolution of Character Traits and Behavior

Over time, the traits of the character can change. Should you find yourself playing the character in a different manner than you did originally, change the three behavioral traits you started with accordingly. Notify the GM of the change and its reason. Don't do this too much, or the GM may begin to assign conditions to your character to prevent changes that are too frequent. That is not to say that a justified change should not take place, if you genuinely feel that your character will react in a certain way, then make an argument for it. In extreme cases, where such traits constitute a detriment, you might consider developing the trait as a condition and get HP for it.

Spending HP in the Game Session

If you have stored up HP you may use them during game play if the situation warrants it. Here are some circumstances where it is possible:

Spending HP in Pre-Game Business

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