Magical Beings


A being is undead when after death their spirit does not rest. It clings to some element of the world it knew in life and a magical form is created over time in the realm of the undead. Some undead create a link to their body in life, these are lesser undead who have the ability to reanimate their corpses. Some create a link to any lifeless form, these are a kind of undead called hauntings. Some create a link to vulnerable people (those who are ill, insane, tainted, or spiritually deficient in some way) to take their body away from them; such undead are another form of haunting. Some undead maintain their existence by force of will and from feeding off of the living, such are called greater undead. Some become undead through their own choice by dark and terrible magics, these and sufficiently powerful undead of other types are called undead lords, as they can command all other undead below their station.

The Beings of Myth

Creatures of myth and legend can be found traveling the astral sea. Any creature from any myth, belief, or work of fiction can be found here (so long as the GM allows it). Anything from Bugs Bunny to Cthulhu can become beings of myth.

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