The Nature of the Soul

The World of High Magic

If the spirit world is beyond the comprehension of mortals, the world of high magic is beyond the comprehension of most spirits! Like all lower worlds the high magic world has causality and place; but it is so far removed from normal experience as to be defy explanation.

Any inhabitant of the physical world who ventures into the high magic world for more than an instant will suffer either Awe of Magic (d) + 10, Fear of Magic (d) + 10, Distrust of Magic (d) + 10, or Lust for Magic (d) + 10 and either Religious Zealot (e) (mystical) + 5 or Insanity + 5 (e).

Spirits are simply incapable of reaching the high magic world on their own. The reason why spirits cannot reach this level is because it is the lowest level of the divine world (see below). It is the realm of the soul, and not open to spirits (who have no souls). This is the highest realm that can be achieved through mysticism by an individual without divine aid.

Like the astral and spirit worlds, the divine world in not a physical place and can only be reached by leaving the physical body behind. This leaves open the possibility of divine possession.

High Magic Beings

A very select few beings inhabit this world; those who have completed the Great Work; that is, they have ascended to the divine; they have become living divine beings. They go by many names, though in this game we will call them Masters of the World.

The Soul

The connection to this world is through the soul of the individual. The mystic utilizes their soul as a vessel for this world. They can interact with other souls on this world, too. High magic has little in the way of physical manifestation for this reason.

Manifestation of Higher Powers

There are four ways that high magic can manifest. The mystic can forge pathways within themselves that meticulously generate connections to the high magic world; this is working from the inside out. The mystic can develop a series of magical operations that will link them to the high magic world from outside themselves; this is working from the outside in. The mystic can develop a series of workings that will raise their consciousness to the higher levels; this is working from below to above. And the mystic can bring their awareness of their soul into consciousness; this is working from above to below.

High Magic Items

Sometimes a mystic creates a magical item using their High Magic powers. There are two instances of this happening; the item is a byproduct of a High Magic working (most of the items made by alchemists fall into this category), and items produced by the use of High Magic powers (such as the texts of Transcendental High Magic). In either case, the items are considered to be divine for game purposes. Also, in either case, the magic is quiet and does not adversely influence those nearby unless there is some kind of palpable manifestation of power. See the High Magic Powers for details.

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