Divine Beings

The Divine World

The world of high magic is the lowest level of what we will call the divine world. Like all lower worlds the divine world has causality and place; like the world of high magic it is so far removed from normal experience as to be defy explanation.

Any inhabitant of the physical world who ventures into the divine world for more than an instant will suffer either Awe of Magic (d) + 15, Fear of Magic (d) + 15, Distrust of Magic (d) + 15, or Lust for Magic (d) + 15 and either Religious Zealot + 10 (e) (mystical) or Insanity + 10 (e).

Divine Beings

These are the inhabitants of the divine world. When they appear they are manifesting themselves on either the spirit world, the astral plane, or the physical world (something they can do arbitrarily many times simultaneously).

In spirit form they are indistinguishable from any Royal Spirit. In astral form they are an invisible presence in the physical world. If conjured into physical form they will either create a magical body to inhabit (with all of the problems associated with encountering magic) or they will possess an existing body.

Any inhabitant of the physical world who directly encounters the full manifestation of a divine being for more than an instant without divine protection will suffer either Awe of Magic (d) + 20, Fear of Magic (d) + 20, Distrust of Magic (d) + 20, or Lust for Magic (d) + 20 and either Religious Zealot (e) (mystical) + 20 or Insanity (e) + 20. These are conditions that do not fade, but they can be bought off with HP.

More likely a divine being will create a region of the astral plane that is separate from the rest. These regions can be reached through gateways on the astral that will be seen as stars. Otherwise they function just as the spirit worlds that spirits construct on the astral plane.

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