Preadventures can be purchased during initial character creation to give your character experience of a specific adventure of great personal significance. They may also be purchased when a character is not played in the normal course of a game, when one or more game sessions are missed (this can explain their absence from the game.)


Sometimes it would be nice to start the game with an experienced character, one who has seen some of the world and done some important things. This section is designed to allow the player to develop such a character.

Here is how to acquire a preadventure for your character:

  1. Choose the number of HP you will spend.
  2. Choose a theme from the pool appropriate to the number of HP spent on the preadventure.
  3. Roll 1d10, this is the number of extraordinary events/deeds done by the character.
  4. Choose one or more good things to happen from the list for the HP spent on the preadventure.
  5. Choose one or more bad things to happen from the list for the HP spent on the preadventure.
  6. Make up a story based on the theme of the adventure, the number of extraordinary deeds done by the character, the good things, and the bad things. If you are able to develop each extraordinary deed rolled for, you will gain an additional HP for each such deed to be spent towards skills or the character's profession.


1 Point Preadventures:

2 Point Preadventures:

3 Point Preadventures:

4 Point Preadventures:

5 Point Preadventures:

6 Point Preadventures:

7 Point Preadventures:

8 Point Preadventures:

9 Point Preadventures:

10 Point Preadventures:

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