Generating Psychic Powers


This section discusses how to acquire psychic powers.

Training and Discipline

Many psychics will gain their powers only after intense training and mental preparations. Through such strenuous efforts the groundwork is laid for the acquisition of even the greatest of psychic powers. Any psychic power is theoretically open to this path to power.


Some psychic powers are passed down from parents. In this case, without further training, the psychic advances little. A hereditary psychic power is granted at the PY of the character as normal. In order to improve such a power, a level of training is required, as though acquiring the skill anew. This represents the psychic gaining control over the power.


In some cases an extreme trauma can awaken a psychic power. The shock is so great that some part of the mind of the individual is essentially rewritten and the new ability is manifest. Those powers listed as being generated spontaneously can either be gotten through training above, or through trauma.


Psychic powers can be awakened through supernatural means. If the individual is not prepared for the awakening it is a disorienting situation. If the power awakened is not spontaneous, the awakened individual will gain the condition Shocked (d) at 2 for basic, 4 for difficult, and 6 for extreme powers. This is a detriment to all ability attempts until the condition is removed.

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