Religious Magic—The Fundamentals of Worship

At its basis religious magic occurs through the interplay of the belief in the divine being by an individual and the rewards that such belief can give. Worship is the act of honoring the divine. Two basic powers exist that allow any character to express their belief.

Faith (MP)

This is a basic power that expresses the strength of belief and trust a character has in the object of their religion. This is the basis for all religious magic. Here is an example of a special for Faith:

Prayer (MP)

This is a basic power that allows the faithful to make direct contact with the object of their faith. This is the basis for all worship, and the religion may require prayers be said at particular times and/or places. Prayers may also be offered to the divine being in order to request the direct intervention on behalf of the character, such is called a miracle. The character must have Faith before they can have Prayer. The miracle cannot happen unless the subject of the character's faith wants it to happen, regardless of the success of the roll. Specific prayers can be invented that can become skills and powers learned by the faithful. Here is an example of a special for Prayer:

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