Religious Magic: Worshippers and Their Abilities

A worshipper has been initiated into a religious order.

Initiation (Condition) (MP) (b)

The worshipper is a member of the religion. The initial level is determined by the level of success of the priest who performed the initiation ceremony. They are able to call upon the religion for all things granted to worshippers. Here are some examples of specials for Initiation:

Theology (IN or IU) (d)

The worshipper has received fundamental instruction in the history, lore, and procedures of the religion. Here is an example of a special for Theology:

Prayer (MP)

This is the same ability as stated in Religious Magic—Fundamentals of Worship. When you become a member of a religion prayers will become available. An example is the Prayer for Strength previously mentioned

Personal Ceremonies (MP) (d)

These are ceremonies that are designed for individual worshippers to perform. The first is the standard Worship Ceremony: This is an hour long ceremony performed once per day at a particular time.

Meditation (IN or IU) (d)

This is the normal meditation skill. For those within a religion, it can also be used in conjunction with faith to achieve visions or gain insights.

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