Religious Magic—Clergy and Their Abilities

Clergy are the direct servants of divine beings in the physical world. Guidelines on how to create actual religious orders are in the GM Guide. Within those constraints, here are the guidelines for creating religious skills and powers.

Prayer (MP) (b)

This is the same ability as stated in Religious Magic—Fundamentals of Worship. There may be many specific prayers that are learned by clergy that are not available to worshippers. These will be prayers that are specific to the divine being that is worshipped.

Religious Ceremonies (MP) (b)

These ceremonies form the bulk of the duties of the clergy. Often there are only certain religious ceremonies available to each level of responsibility. These rituals are available to all clergy within the religion under this power. To start with you know the standard Worship Ceremony: This is an hour long ceremony performed once per day at a particular time. This serves to raise the mood of the faithful and to conduct their feelings of faith as a gift to the divine subject of worship. Here are some others that may apply to the religion of the character:

Here are some examples of specials for Religious Ceremonies:

Benedictions (MP) (d)

Benedictions are the direct blessings of a divine power. They may be used to grant temporary powers to individuals, to bless items, or to bless places. The ground on which a temple is to be built must be so blessed. No temple can be complete without a blessed central item (usually an altar to lead worship ceremonies at). Common benedictions are:

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