Religious MagicóReligious Items

Religious items fall into three categories; items that are blessed through rituals or prayers, items created by divine beings, and items that contain a small part of a divine being called the divine spark.

Blessed items are those that are the subject of a benediction. The specific types of blessed items depend upon the religion and cannot be generalized. Such items do gain the status of divine level magic.

Divine beings can create mundane or magical items without any real difficulty. They can also create spirit items. This can be done instantly. Such items are not considered to be blessed or divine, though they might be seen to be sacred.

Some items will be crafted by the divine being or even some of its worshippers if they are granted particularly extraordinary powers. In this case a portion of the divine being, called the Divine Spark, is placed within the item. Such items will have a numerical power of up to 800 and will be considered divine. If the power is generic, the divine being actually loses a number of points in their power equal to the power of the item. There will always be specific sets of circumstances under which a power can be activated.

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