Religious MagicóReligious Powers of Hesheriuth

Hesheriuth has two specials for Faith, two for Religious Ceremonies, and one for Prayers. We begin by examining the listed special for Faith, Gain the ability to use faith as a modifier for skills appropriate to the Divine Being worshipped. The Ancestor God is the God of Borigon and Borigonians, so Faith may now be used as a modifier in any ability attempt relating to the land, the nation, or its inhabitants. Since the totems are the spirits of The Ancestor God, Hesheriuth decides to gain the special to be able to speak to, and understand, the Totem spirits. His Faith now reads: This is a basic power that expresses the strength of belief and trust a character has in the object of their religion. He may also use Faith in any ability related to the land of Borigon, the nation, and borigonians. He may also use Faith to speak to totem spirits.

For Religious Ceremonies he gains the specials to call upon divine aid, and to call upon divine will. His Religious Ceremonies now reads: These ceremonies form the bulk of the duties of the clergy. Often there are only certain religious ceremonies available to each level of responsibility. These rituals are available to all clergy within the religion under this power. To start with you know the standard Worship Ceremony: This is an hour long ceremony performed once per day at a particular time. This serves to raise the mood of the faithful. He also knows the cermonies of birth, marriage, coming of age, initiation, high worship, and investment of an acolyte. He also has the power to perform a ceremony to summon forth a totem spirit. He also knows how to perform a ceremony to command the land itself.

For Prayer he learns the Prayer for Strength, to allow faster recovery of power detriments. His Prayer now reads: This is a basic power that allows the faithful to make direct contact with the Ancestor God. He can also speak a Prayer for Strength, a power that allows the faithful to recover from power detriments.

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