Spirit Magic

Spirit magic takes place on a higher level than low magic, it occurs in the spirit realm and then manifests into the astral and sometimes the physical world. As a result there is a -12 modifier to any working causing an effect in the physical world. Spirit magic is always more difficult than low magic and has a -8 modifier for that. There is also a modifier for the type of spirit, -5 for lesser, -10 for greater, -20 for noble, and -40 for royal. This is offset by a +80 modifier over low magic.

Spirit magic rituals are more abstract and are not tied to physical tools. Here the magician enters a meditative trance for the duration of the ritual, usually an hour. The steps of low magic are not present, due to this abstraction. The result is that spirit magic workings tend to have less noticable effects.

Broadly there are several classes of spirit working:

  1. Spirit Rituals: These summon the presence of a spirit to perform a specific task.
  2. Spirit Symbols: These inscribe a symbol of power (the symbolic name of a spirit) into some object to convey a power to that object.
  3. Spirit Pact: A bargain where you sacrifice something in return for a number of times that a spirit will act on your behalf.
  4. Spirit Incantation: An incantation using the name of a spirit to cast a spell on the magician or to cast the spell for the magician.

There are other powers that might be specific to a kind of spirit magic.

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