High Magic

High magic takes place on a higher level than spirit magic, it occurs in the divine realm and then manifests into the spirit, the astral, and sometimes the physical world. As a result there is a -13 modifier to any working causing an effect in the physical world. High magic is always more difficult than spirit or low magic and has a -12 modifier for that. This is offset by a +80 modifier over spirit magic.

To make a long story short, the goal of high magic is to work magic through the divine part of the magician, the soul. Thus high magic is one of two forms of divine-level magic.

High magic powers fall into one of four categories:

  1. Meditative: The soul work its magic through a series of meditations of deep symbolism and increasing levels of difficulty. Changes within the consiousness of the magician forge active magical connections to the soul.
  2. Ritualistic: The soul works its magic through a series of rituals. The results of the rituals forge magical connections to the soul.
  3. Mechanistic: The soul works its magic through a series of lengthy operations of high preicision and attention to detail. The operations and their by-products forge magical connections to the soul.
  4. Transcendental: The soul works its magic by penetrating the mysteries of a common activity. Success in penetrating the mysteries forges the magical connections to the soul.

Those who delve into high magic are called mystics.

All high magic begins with a series of mundane, psychic, and low magic controls; the mystic is gaining control over their physical, psychic, and astral bodies. Then there will be levels of mastering their spirits; beginning with gaining the power of a lesser spirit, then greater, noble, and finally royal. Then the mystic works to attain control of their soul, and thus achieve living godhood. There should be around 30 levels of development to achieve this.

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